Forms & Documents for Parents and Community

GC Local Policy for Building and Facility Use

Building Use Deposit Form

Bus Letter to Parents 2019-20

District Student  Release Form for Publications

Parent Safe School and Anti-Bullying acknowledgement form

Parent FERPA release form

Parental Permission for Educational Field Trip

Student Abbreviated Signable AUP for Internet

Student Insurance 2019-20

Application for Home School

Request for KCSD ACT Scholarship

Parental Exclusion Form for Assessment 2018-198-19

Forms/Documents for Employees

Kane District Requisition Form(Editable)

Reimbursement Form for Travel/Meals

Payroll Request Form

Quality Teaching Day Payment Submission Form

Student Intervention Profile

Kane Model Evaluation System

District SLO Template (Editable)

Provisional to Career Teacher Checklist

Lane Change Application and Policy

Credit Card Receipt

Travel Request Form

Single Source Purchasing Form

Protocol for OnPremise Interview Law Enforcement/DCFS

New Hire Documents--checklist    Authorization Master  Documentation

Employee Check-out Form

Sub Training Process List

Asset Disposal Form

New Asset Form

Bus Travel Request (Blue Slip)

EYE Upgrade Form